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Master Your Time Academy: a 10-Part Training Series

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Supercharge your property management team's task speed, output and productivity results with the Master Your Time Academy!

Getting smashed by interruptions all the time and cannot get your tasks done?

Too many tasks left over and not enough hours to do them all?

Finding it hard to juggle the crazy amount of calls, emails, appointments and inspections you're dealing with all day?

Are you stressed and burnt-out?

Our 10-part comprehensive training series can help your team accomplish far more in much less time, with expert training from time management expert and property management trainer Darren Hunter.

With over 20 years of experience, our proven solutions have helped property managers across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States reach new heights of task sanity and success!

This 10-part series motivates and educates your team, providing them with essential tools and strategies to streamline their tasks and maximise their efficiency, allowing them to feel in control and confident to face their workload.

Join our Academy Zoom sessions live, or watch the recordings afterwards at your convenience.

Don't let task overload, stress and burnout hold you back any longer. 

Sign up for our specialist Academy program and empower your property management team to work smarter, more efficiently and achieve more.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with an endless to-do list and never enough hours in the day?

Does your property management team need expert guidance to manage time and tasks more efficiently?

Look no further than our comprehensive time management training program!

With over 20 years of experience, we have been delivering cutting-edge solutions to property managers across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Our program is designed to motivate and educate your team to achieve their highest potential, streamlining daily tasks and enhancing overall productivity.

We offer a range of training options to suit your needs, including Zoom sessions, in-person training at your office (subject to availability), and seminars or conference speaking engagements.

Our Zoom sessions are available in convenient packages, while our seminars provide half-day or full-day training on topics such as stress management, conflict resolution, and effective communication.

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When is the Master Your Time Academy? Meetings will happen in an open Zoom group academy session over ten sessions.

If you miss a session you can always catch up on the recordings available afterwards.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the IGT Master Your Time Academy: 

#1- What Makes Mastering Time Management Essential (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

To achieve mastery in time management, it is essential to comprehend the underlying benefits it offers. 

In this session, we will explore the reasons why taking charge of your time is crucial, and the adverse effects of neglecting it, such as disarray, ineffectiveness, and the harmful impact of stress on both your mental and physical well-being. 

By participating in this session, you will acquire valuable insights on:
  • The correlation between being in control and your mental health
  • The 25 harmful effects of stress on your mind and body, along with the corresponding measures to counteract them
  • The critical requirement of prioritising the mastery of efficiency and organization in your life.

#2- Master Your Daily Agenda (45 minutes)

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Becoming proficient in managing your daily schedule is a vital ability that demands meticulous planning and preparation.

Similar to sharpening an axe before cutting down a tree, investing time in organising your daily responsibilities in advance can help you save time and boost your productivity.

This crucial session, tailor-made for individuals in property management, will equip you with invaluable insights on:
  • The time-saving benefits of creating a 'Daily Task Manager' every day, which can potentially save up to 90 minutes of time later on
  • ​The significance of noting down everything and not solely relying on memory
  • ​Recognising the potency of prioritization and concentration in accomplishing your daily objectives.

#3- Master Task Speed: 25 Strategies to Eliminate Interruptions and Improve Your Task Focus– (45 Minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Constant availability may appear customary, but it can have severe consequences. 

Interruptions and distractions can hamper your productivity, leading to an increase in workload, heightened anxiety levels, and ultimately burnout. 

It's crucial to take charge of your workday, and in this session, we'll guide you on how to do so.

In this session, you will explore:
  • Proven techniques to complete your tasks 2-3 times quicker than your current pace
  • A straightforward yet efficacious script to manage office small talk and maintain focus on your work
  • Various methods to effectively eliminate interruptions and minimise distractions, empowering you to take charge of your workday and enhance your productivity.

#4- Master Expectations and Reduce Conflict: Using the THREE Handbooks (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Undoubtedly, conflicts can consume a significant amount of time, and it's widely known that upfront communication regarding expectations can prevent complications and issues arising from misunderstandings later on. 

That's why we're thrilled to present the efficacy of induction via three handbooks (user manuals): The Property Owner's Handbook, The Tenant Handbook, and The Tradesperson's Handbook.

During this session, you'll acquire knowledge on:
  • How to leverage the Property Owner's Handbook as a distinguishing feature and an effective means to educate new clients on all their inquiries and apprehensions.
  • The versatility of the Tenant Handbook, which can not only induct your tenants but also impress prospective owners and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • The substantial time-saving advantages of utilising all THREE handbooks to minimise conflicts, optimise your procedures, and elevate your relationships with clients, tenants, and tradespeople.

#5- Master Control of Your Calls, Emails, and Workzone (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Managing your emails, calls, and workspace can seem like an overwhelming responsibility that demands a substantial investment of time and effort. 

However, as a property manager, acquiring mastery over this vital skill is imperative to your success.

During this session, we'll explore:
  • Proven methods to dodge the email ping pong, respond effectively to lengthy emails, and discern when to make a phone call
  • The significance of maintaining a tidy workspace and the direct correlation between workspace organisation and your mental well-being
  • How to reclaim authority over phone and email response times by leveraging effective messaging and auto-responder tools.

#6- Master Your Appointments and Inspections (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Scheduling appointments and conducting inspections are critical components of property management that can be time-consuming. 

Our goal in this session is to assist you in mastering skills that took others 20-30 years of trial and error to acquire, providing you with valuable insights in a single session.

During this session, you'll uncover:
  • Efficient methods to regulate "blow-in appointments" and manage meeting durations effectively
  • Over 50 useful items to consider including in a Property Manager car kit, augmenting your readiness for any inspection circumstance
  • A practical script to swiftly exit conversations that pose a threat to stealing your valuable time and reclaim control.

#7- Master Your Work-Life Balance and Mental Challenges (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Effectively disconnecting after work hours can have a significant influence on your performance and endurance as a Property Manager. 

Attend this session to acquire valuable skills that will aid in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and amplify your productivity during the day.

During this session, you'll gain insights on:
  • Essential approaches to effectively disconnect after work hours and efficiently prioritise your personal time, without getting engulfed in calls and emails that can lead to burnout
  • Proven methods to overcome procrastination and augment your productivity at work
  • Tactics to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and how to promptly regain control when you experience it.

#8- Mastering the Ideal Week and Eliminating Toxic Business Through Growth (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Achieving mastery in time management demands the implementation of structure and granting yourself the liberty to manage your time proficiently. 

Join us in this session, where we'll demonstrate the efficacy of an ideal week, along with the adverse effects of toxic owners and how to remove them from your business effectively while fostering growth.

During this session, you'll discover:
  • Step-by-step approaches for building an ideal week tailored to your preferences, providing you with more time and control over your daily responsibilities.
  • Advice on refining your ideal week to correspond with your specific circumstances
  • Tactics for enhancing the health of your rent roll by identifying and eliminating detrimental business using a "worst-first" hit list, coupled with growth-promoting measures.

#9- Master Your Time for Business Development Managers (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Effective time management is critical for Business Development Managers (BDMs). 

Join us in this session, where we'll guide you on how to leverage your time efficiently to enhance new business opportunities.

During this session for BDMs, you'll acquire knowledge on:
  • Methods to prevent getting overwhelmed by menial tasks, enabling you to concentrate on high-yield activities that generate substantial outcomes
  • The THREE fundamental rent roll growth strategies that offer the most significant return on your time and attention
  • Approaches for eliminating low or no-paying tasks that drain your valuable time and outsourcing them.

#10- Master Control with Twenty Property Manager Scripts (45 minutes)

Full Recordings Now Available

Property managers face numerous threats to their time, and in this session, we will focus on equipping you with the right words to respond effectively.

Through “scripts only,” we will tackle significant issues that property managers often lose sleep over, including:
  • Approaches for deterring owners who wish to conduct their repairs, choose their tenants, interfere with your work, and disrupt your schedule
  • Advice for articulating the concept of reasonable wear and tear, the financial ramifications of ignoring repairs, and the critical significance of having landlord insurance
  • Three persuasive methods to convince owners of the need to maintain their rent in alignment with the market and not keep it low for "good tenants."

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Purchase this ONE Academy Series Only without becoming a member (access the recordings only)

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