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Never be short of PM Team Training again!

Access over 300 HOURS (with over 150 specialist PM sessions and growing) from our PM video training online portal…RIGHT NOW!

  • Never run short of PM Leads again with over 30 LEAD strategies and skills to TARGET your PROSPECTS using Social Media.
  • LEARN the same strategies the best BDM’s use to sign up 20-30 DOORS/Properties a month so you can too!
  • Sign-up business at FULL FEES with CONFIDENCE using our PM Owner Fee Objection Scripts library!
  • ​GROW your team skills with confidence with our PM Nuts and Bolts training video library!

SCALE up, TRAIN your TEAM and GROW your PM Business using our ONLINE Portal NOW! 

Great value for your office- Your subscription is PER TEAM so you and your team can have their own log-in access, and learn at any time from anywhere!
Awesome training convenience– Pick and choose what you’d like to learn, on any device!
Never be short of training again! Great for team meetings and team training sessions (even team virtual training sessions)

  • Great value for your office- Your subscription is PER TEAM so you and your team can have their own log-in access, and learn at any time from anywhere!
  • Awesome training convenience– Pick and choose what you’d like to learn, on any device!
  • Never be short of training again! Great for team meetings and team training sessions (even team virtual training sessions)

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Your IGT Exclusive Membership includes access to training resources, exclusive events and special savings:


Source all your own leads- over and over again!

Here’s what you’ll learn (nearly 9 hours worth loaded- ready to watch)

  • 30 Growth Hacks and Strategies with effective KPI’s (113 minutes)
  • How to GROW using Investor Support Services (116 minutes)
  • How to GROW Using an Investor Information Evening (40 minutes)
  • ​How to GROW using your Business Contacts and Network (60 minutes)
  • ​How to GROW with your Neighbourhood and Community (57 minutes)
  • How to CONVERT Private Owners to FULL Management (56 minutes)
  • ​How to GROW using the Power of Video and Google Search (48 minutes)
  • ​How to GROW a Rent Roll from Scratch (40 minutes)

BDM Training Videos

Access BDM skills to source more leads- on tap!

Here’s what you’ll learn (almost 6 hours worth loaded- ready to watch)

  • How to Conduct a ‘Really Real’ Listing Presentation (30 minutes)
  • Winning the DEAL – What to do BEFORE and AFTER the Listing Presentation (42 minutes)
  • Get your BDM Recruiting Right – the First Time! (50 minutes)
  • ​How to Build Trust FAST to Get the Business (70 minutes)
  • ​Building Relationship and Trust to GROW (56 minutes)
  • ​How to Grow Using a CRM (58 minutes)

BDM Empower (12 part learning series) – Go to the next level as a BDMs

This is likely the MOST comprehensive BDM training course ever written and recorded, all designed to turn your BDM position into a lead listing machine for your PM business.

  • Perfect for BDM’s, those who manage BDM’s or for those thinking of hiring one.
  • Either attend the live webinars or watch the recordings later on any device anywhere.

Here’s what you’ll learn (over 12 hours worth of comprehensive BDM skill training)

  • What to have ready for BDM Activities and results (80 minutes)
  • How to BDM Broadcast yourself for new business (80 minutes)
  • ​Being BDM prepared and Listing Kit ready (60 minutes)
  • ​Getting your BDM networking into high gear (69 minutes)
  • ​BDM Activities to make the phone ring (65 minutes)
  • ​Creating your BDM ‘Ideal Week’ (67 minutes)
  • ​How to WIN the Listing Appointment (68 minutes)
  • ​Effective Follow-Up after the Listing Appointment (57 minutes)
  • ​How to find more business with your CURRENT Clients (58 minutes)
  • ​Working effectively with a Sales Team (59 minutes)
  • ​Growing with your Referral Partners (56 minutes)

Winning Full Fees

How to overcome fee objections and win the business

Here’s what you learn (over 9.5 hours worth already loaded- ready to watch)

  • Nine Fee Scripts for ‘but the other agent is cheaper (39 minutes)
  • The STEPS to Increasing Fees with CURRENT CLIENTS (174 minutes)
  • Overcome TEN Biggest Fee Discount Requests (70 minutes)
  • ​27 Owner Fees charged in Australia (37 minutes)
  • Overcome Common Growth Blockages and Fee Mistakes (67 minutes)
  • ​Learning the ‘Make More Mindset’! (53 minutes)
  • ​Justify Ten Different Fees with Effective Scripts (73 minutes)

Know how to DOMINATE with Social Media in your market.

  • Get access to over 10 hours of live workshop video recordings from our 2-day DOMINATE Social workshop event (loaded over 12 months in 2019).
  • ​Learn to ENGAGE and GROW using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube.
  • ​Become a lead generation machine using the power of Social Media.

Here’s what you’ll learn (almost 16 hours worth already loaded- ready to watch)

  • 15 ‘High-Engaging’ Post Methods to GROW Using Facebook (62 minutes)
  • ​How to Grow Your Brand BIG Using e-Newsletters and Articles (27 minutes)
  • ​Ten Different Highly Engaging Facebook Posts (63 minutes)
  • ​How to Grow Massive Facebook Likes and Reach Your Audience Using Facebook Ads (72 minutes)
  • ​Grow Using a Digital Presence and Presentation (58 minutes)
  • ​How to Generate Loads of Reviews on Facebook and Google to Attract New Business (57 minutes)
  • ​How to Use the ‘Messenger Bot’ to Connect with Prospects, Nurture Conversation and Generate Leads (38 minutes)
  • ​High-Impact Facebook Post Strategies (58 minutes)
  • ​How to Create Memes that Educate, Inspired and Motivate Your Audience to Action (42 minutes)
  • ​How to Reach Your Prospects Using Facebook Audiences (47 minutes)
  • ​How to Deliver a Facebook Ad to Anyone that Visits Your Website (29 minutes)
  • ​How to Edit Photos and Videos Like a Pro! (52 minutes)
  • ​Loading Videos and Using Facebook Live (55 minutes)
  • ​How to Build a Powerful Instagram Brand (66 minutes)
  • ​Video – Using Google, Youtube and LinkedIn (31 minutes)
  • ​Staying ‘Top of Mind’ Using Social Media (47 minutes)
  • ​What’s Next for Social Media? (47 minutes)
  • ​Creating Audiences (35 minutes)
  • ​Creating Ads (16 minutes)
  • ​Creating Memes and Images (43 minutes)

Learn from the very best in PM Nuts and Bolts training with over 14 hours of video content loaded- ready to watch!

  • Get more effective and efficient with our PM time management training sessions.
  • ​Know- how to effectively communicate with owners and tenants with our communication training.
  • ​Learn how to reduce and eliminate PM conflict, issues, stress and burnout.
  • ​Know the warning signs of drug production and how to stay safe in extreme safety situations.
  • ​Choose from topics including tenant selection, repairs, risk management plus so much more.
  • ​Training for the whole team in meetings and team training sessions.

Here’s what you learn (almost 17 hours worth already loaded- ready to watch)

  • ‘Next-Level’ Communication Strategies (66 minutes)
  • ​The Very Best Time Management Tips for Busy Property Managers (81 minutes)
  • ​Mastering Daily Agenda (45 minutes)
  • ​Proactive Strategies – How to Avoid Conflict (43 minutes)
  • ​The Big Ten PM Communication Issues and Complaints (35 minutes)
  • ​Beating Stress, PM Burnout and Staying Mentally Healthy (34 minutes)
  • ​Get Complete Time Control (37 minutes)
  • ​Overcoming Common PM Mistakes and Problems (35 minutes)
  • ​The Warning Signs of Illicit Drug Production in Rental Properties (26 minutes)
  • ​Dealing with Difficult Owners and Avoiding Bad Business (29 minutes)
  • ​Making the PM I deal Week Work for You (27 minutes)
  • ​How to Deal Effectively with Serial Late Rent Payers (34 minutes)
  • ​How to Not Get Sued in PM (60 minutes)
  • ​Dealing with PM Conflict when it Occurs (37 minutes)
  • ​Managing Extreme PM Danger and Staying Safe (16 minutes)
  • ​Repairs to the Max (40 minutes)
  • ​Using Rental Control Letters, Scripts and Tools that Work (31 minutes)
  • ​Total Communication Works (27 minutes)
  • ​Common PM Inspection Mistakes to Avoid (30 minutes)
  • ​Identifying Big Repair Issues, Reducing Danger and Keeping Tenants Safe (28 minutes)
  • ​Stress -Its Impact on You (34 minutes)
  • ​The Warning Signs of a Bad Tenant (60 minutes)
  • ​Tenant Induction Success and Adding More Value (45 minutes)
  • ​The Crucial 12 Decontamination Steps of a ‘Meth-Lab’ Rental Property (37 minutes)
  • ​How to Deal Effectively with Tradespeople (36 minutes)
  • ​Reaching the Top 10% – Mastering PM (45 minutes)

Prospecting Letters and Tools Library

Get EQUIPPED to sell your services.

When Deniz signed up 900 managements over 4 years, these are the very prospecting letters and tools he used.
Download, tailor, use and GROW! 

Fee Scripts Library

Overcome Common Fee Discount Requests with confidence.

Know how to respond with ease to-
“But the other agent is cheaper!” 

“Can you match your management fee with the other agent down the road?” 

“But the other agent is X% all-inclusive” 

“Why are you charging for those other fees” 

“The other agent will discount, why can’t you?”

‘Call a Coach’ when you need it.

Have world-class property management coaches on hand to help you.
Included in your membership is access to property management trainers, coaches and international experts Darre n Hunter, Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz for help and advice on anything PM Growth, Fees and Profitability, Systems, Team structure, HR, Outsourcing and much more…

Get access to our library of live audio seminar recordings.

  • Covering many topics including time management, conflict, communication, PM stress management, getting better fees and overcoming common fee objections.
  • ​Listen on the go in the office or between appointments in your car (streaming audio).

Member-only events

Enjoy networking with other professionals, make new friends, and receive exclusive access to MEMBER ONLY events.

Get special members rates at our IGT events

Seminars, workshops and our annual conference

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  • ​Actively support and promote our charity ‘Vision Australia’.
  • ​Attend member days and retreats where available.
  • ​If you have the ambition to want to present on stage at any IGT event and you believe you’ve got what it takes, let us know.

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