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You have the power to BUILD a thriving rent roll, and it all begins with your ability to inspire and lead a team of dedicated individuals who share your unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to your property owners and tenants.

Remember, in the world of property management, owners and tenants are the lifeblood of your business. 

But without a strong, united team to oversee and nurture these crucial relationships, your journey cannot even commence!

Julie Collins, a seasoned and well respected leader in property management, has a wealth of experience in successfully guiding property management teams. 

In this empowering academy series, she will unveil the secrets to creating a dream team that will not only support you but also help you build an extraordinary property management business.

Designed exclusively for property management leaders like you – whether you're a rent roll business owner, a general manager, a department head, or a senior property manager entrusted with leading a team – this academy series is your essential toolkit for cultivating a vibrant and thriving team.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us at The PM Leader's Academy! 

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JOIN us with other rent roll business owners, property managers and BDM’s on a journey just like yours in our PM Leaders Academy.

Who can join thePM Leaders Academy? Anyone on your team can join.

What does it cost? This is part of your IGT Exclusive Membership (for your whole team based at the same location).

When is the PM Leaders Academy? Meetings will happen in an open Zoom group session, if you miss a session you can always catch up on the recordings available to IGT Exclusive Members only. 

Sessions are a combination of intensive learning, with a meeting and coaching format at the end of each session.

Here’s what you’ll take away with the PM Leaders Academy: 

Session #1 - Building the Base for Effective Team Performance

When? Tuesday, 14th of November at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

Your company is more than just a place to work; it's a platform for success. And the secret to that success lies in ensuring that every member of your team is aligned with your company's goals, values, and standards. To truly thrive, we must build a sturdy platform that empowers every team member to reach their aspirations and achieve their goals.

In this transformative session, we're going to provide you with the tools to create that rock-solid foundation, allowing your team to launch into the stratosphere of success. Just like setting your GPS for a road trip, you need to know your destination to get there. Get ready for total clarity as Julie Collins guides you through the crucial steps:

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Defining Your Rent Roll's Destiny: We'll dive deep into the art of developing your company's goals, defining your values, and gaining crystal-clear clarity on your purpose and vision statement. Discover what you want your brand and company to be known for and totally focused on.
  • The Power of Team Unity: Learn how to seamlessly introduce your goals and vision statement to your team, not just as a direction but as a shared mission. This is the path to secure ‘total buy-in’ from your team, forging an unbreakable bond as they march toward the same destination.
  • Sustaining the Spark: Success isn't a one-time sprint; it's a lifelong journey. Explore strategies to keep your team in perfect sync with your goals, vision, and values throughout the entire expedition. This isn't just about retaining talent; it's about nurturing and keeping your valued players for the long haul.

Session #2 - Recruiting and Building Your Dream PM Team

When? Tuesday, 12th of December at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

Are you ready to transform your rent roll team into a powerhouse of success? Attracting the right people to join your team is the key, and the secret lies in understanding the incredible power of helping others achieve their goals first. When you empower them, they'll empower you, and together, you'll reach new heights of success and achievement.

But it all begins with mastering your recruitment process.

Join us in this session filled with insight and real-life experiences as Julie Collins reveals how she built a formidable team that delivered outstanding rent roll results:

  • Attracting the Right Talent: Discover the art of attracting the perfect individuals for your team by offering incentives that go beyond money. Learn what truly motivates them and how to tap into their aspirations.
  • Interview Excellence: Prepare yourself for the interview process like never before. Gain access to a comprehensive list of what to ask, questions that unveil their authentic selves. You'll know from day one if they are the perfect fit for your team, aligned with your goals and values.
  • Post-Interview Profiling: Once the interviews are done, the journey isn't over. Learn how to effectively profile your candidates to ensure they are the right fit for their roles.

Session #3 - Team Success Through Effective Onboarding and Training

When? Tuesday, 9th of January at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

Once you've handpicked the perfect team members, your journey isn’t done. It's time to carefully integrate them into your business, ensuring they thrive and contribute to your company's goals right from the start. Gone are the days of a ‘sink or swim’ approaches. As a rent roll leader, your mission is to empower your team to excel.

Here's the wisdom and learning you'll glean from Julie's session:

  • Effective Onboarding: Discover the secrets to crafting an onboarding plan that sets the tone for the first month of their journey. You'll learn how to provide a comprehensive induction, the key to a smooth transition into their role, and the path to rapid results alignment with your company's objectives.
  • Clarity is Key: Ensure your new team members have crystal-clear expectations. They should know precisely what is expected of them and have a clear understanding of who they'll be reporting to.
  • The Buddy System: Establish a robust support network through a buddy system. Learn when and how to introduce your team members to rent roll clients and tenants, ensuring a seamless integration process.
  • Check-In Culture: Transform the traditional ‘performance review’ into a nurturing ‘check-in’ culture. Discover the power of regular one-to-one meetings that inspire growth and foster open communication.

Session #4 - Harnessing Team Accountability through KPI’s

When? Tuesday, 13th of February at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

In the world of effective rent roll management, two phrases stand tall: ‘What gets measured gets managed’ and ‘inspect what you expect’. These are not mere words; they are the guiding principles that can supercharge your rent roll team's performance. Today, Julie Collins will illuminate the path to peak performance and show you how to make these principles your secret weapon.

Here's a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this session:

  • The Accountability Chart: Discover how to craft an ‘Accountability Chart’ that eliminates misunderstandings, enhances responsibility, fosters awareness, and provides crystal-clear clarity. This chart will be your compass, guiding your team towards the pursuit of excellence in service standards.
  • Mastering KPIs: Dive deep into the world of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Learn which metrics truly matter, not only for individual team members but also for the collective success of your team. Unearth the secrets of setting and measuring KPIs that drive continuous improvement.
  • Effective Bonus Structures: Incentivise your team's performance based on KPI achievements. Julie will unveil bonus structures that align with KPI performance, motivating your team to reach new heights and exceed expectations.

Session #5 - How to Create Efficient Sytems and Workflows for Team Productivity

When? Tuesday, 12th of March at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

In the world of rent rolls, the unsung heroes are the systems and workflows that breathe life into your operations. They are the beating heart that guarantees consistency and excellence in serving owners, tenants, and tradespeople. Today, Julie is here to unveil the secrets behind creating these indispensable foundations for your rent roll success.

In this revealing session, you will gain crystal-clear insights into:

  • Visualising Your Machine: Julie will meticulously lay out every aspect of property management in a visualised format. You'll see every ‘cog’ in your machine, each requiring well-oiled systems and workflows to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • The What, Why, Where, How, When, and Who: Understand the intricacies of your processes. Learn the what, why, where, how, when, and who behind every step, ensuring absolute clarity and accountability for everyone involved.
  • Ready-Made Examples: Explore 10 real-life examples of systems and workflows that you can put into action immediately. These practical templates will kickstart your journey towards a streamlined and efficient rent roll operation
  • The Power of Purpose: It's not just about knowing what and how; it's about understanding why. Julie will underscore the importance of knowing the purpose behind each task, inspiring a shared sense of purpose among your team.

Session #6 - Effectively Leading Your Team Members Remotely

When? Tuesday, 9th of April at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

In today's digital age, the location of your team members is no longer a barrier to success. Whether they're virtual assistants across the globe or working from the comfort of their homes locally, Julie Collins has the keys to unlock their full potential. With her guidance, you can effectively lead your team, regardless of their location either locally, or anywhere on the planet.

Prepare to be empowered as Julie delivers her expertise in this session:

  • Clarity in Job Descriptions: Gain unparalleled clarity in job descriptions, accountability, and expectations. Learn how to establish rock-solid systems and workflows that allow you to focus on the output and results, rather than focussing how many hours they have sat in a chair.
  • Setting Realistic Deadlines: Discover the art of setting achievable and transparent deadlines. Motivate your team members to not only meet but exceed these deadlines as a minimum standard, driving a culture of excellence.
  • Empowering Software and Resources: Explore a world of software and resources designed to foster team accountability. Uncover controlled communication forums that will bridge the geographical gap and learn how to cultivate a strong team culture, regardless of your team member’s location. Say goodbye to culture dilution!

Session #7 - Creating a Dynamic Healthy Success Team Culture

When? Tuesday, 14th of May at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

In a world where toxic workplaces can masquerade upfront as an enticing option, it's vital to create an environment where people truly want to work and grow. High staff turnover rates are a red flag, signaling a place where individuals do not wish to stay and spend their working hours. But today, Julie Collins is here to change that narrative.

Join her in this impactful session, where she unveils the blueprint for fostering a healthy workplace and team culture that not only nurtures professional growth but also ignites personal development. It's time to align your direction with the company's vision and core values, reducing staff turnover and leading your team to greatness.

Here's what you'll discover in Julie's empowering session:

  • Effective Leadership: Learn the art of running effective meetings that inspire and morale-boosting team events that bond your team. Become a mentor who guides your team to excellence, igniting their potential.
  • Transparent Collaboration: Foster a culture of transparent team collaboration through open and honest feedback forums. Celebrate achievements with well-deserved recognition and take the time to truly know your team members and their individual goals.
  • Strategic Planning: Gain insights into planning sessions that allow you to review team performance and align your efforts with your overarching goals. It's the roadmap to success.
  • ​Personal and Professional Growth: Embrace personal and professional development that is not only valuable to the individual but also beneficial to the company as a whole. Elevate your team's skills and empower them to contribute to your shared vision.

Session #8 - Protecting Your Team’s Mental Health and Prevent Burnout

When? Tuesday, 11th of June at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

In the pursuit of building a high-performing team, there's one vital aspect that often gets overlooked – mental health. A burnt-out team is an ineffective and unproductive team that lurches from one crisis to the next, and ensuring the well-being of your team members is the cornerstone of a sustainable and enduring team culture for your rent roll.

Prepare to be enlightened as Julie shares invaluable insights in this pivotal session:

  • Monitoring Workload and Well-being: Learn how to proactively monitor workloads and swiftly identify any issues that can negatively impact mental health. Discover the professional resources that can be accessed and provided to support your team members in their mental health journey.
  • The Power of Open Communication: Embrace the concept of an open and transparent discussion policy. Understand how this policy can create a safe space for your team to share their challenges and concerns without fear of judgment.
  • One-on-One Connection: Master the art of conducting regular ‘one-on-one’ meetings with each team member. By doing so, you'll keep your finger on the pulse of their well-being and ensure they feel valued and heard. Julie will also reveal the magic of ‘walk and talk’ meetings and when to employ this strategy for maximum impact.

Session #9 - Empowering Your Team to Win Together

When? Tuesday, 9th of July at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

Imagine a team where every member shares a crystal-clear vision, where everyone knows their role, and together, they march towards a common goal as a unified force. In this session, Julie unveils the secrets to turn this vision into a reality.

Join us as Julie Collins unravels the path to success:

  • Know Your Business through Numbers: To lead effectively, you must know your business inside out, and that starts with understanding your numbers. Julie will guide you on how to decipher the language of your financial data, allowing you to make informed decisions and steer your team towards success.
  • Understand Your Team: People are the heartbeat of your organisation. Discover how to observe and identify behavioral patterns within your team. By understanding your team members on a deeper level, you can harness their unique strengths and create a harmonious working environment.
  • Strengthen Systems and Culture: Building a resilient team culture begins with nurturing your systems. Julie will show you how to cultivate a robust team culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to your shared vision.
  • Delegate to Elevate: Learn the art of delegation without the need for excessive control. By empowering your team members and entrusting them with responsibility, you'll unlock their potential and drive both personal and professional growth.

Session #10 - Leadership Effectiveness Through Wellness and Balance

When? Tuesday, 6th of August at 1pm (Sydney time)

FULL recording available after each session

As they say, ‘you can't pour from an empty cup’! As a leader, your well-being is the cornerstone of your business and team's health and strength. When you;re feeling great, so can your team. It's time to prioritise self-care and set the right boundaries to prevent burnout.

Join Julie Collins in this session as she delves into the art of self-care and boundary setting:

  • Setting Boundaries: Learn how to establish the right boundaries. Define what's ‘okay’ and what's ‘not okay’ in your professional life. Discover where to channel your attention and energy to protect your well-being while still leading your team effectively.
  • Habit Formation: Explore the power of habit-building. Identify the habits you want to cultivate for your personal and professional growth. Julie will show you how to establish processes that foster productive habits and create a more balanced life.
  • Professional Development: Understand the importance of continuous professional development. Challenge your comfort zone to ensure you're always evolving as an effective leader in your rent roll. Julie will guide you on the path to lifelong learning and growth.

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