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The BDM Coach Academy we will equip you with the necessary skills and mindset you need to sign-up 20 plus doors a month, so you take your rent roll growth to the next level.

The BDM Coach Academy gives you all the 'know-how' that you need, with full access to TWO Expert BDM Coaches whenever you need help and advice, with our 'Call-a-Coach' membership help-line that you can access outside of our live group coaching and skilling sessions scheduled.

If you want to sign up 20-30 doors a month, the BDM Coach Academy will show you how!

SMASH all of your rent roll growth goals, DOMINATE in your marketplace, RE-CHARGE your property numbers and be seen as the ‘GO-TO Expert’ and attract warm leads to you…with what you’ll learn and implement at the at the BDM Coach Academy.

Sign up 20 PLUS properties a month (or more) when you IMPLEMENT the BDM Coach Academy skills you'll learn together with the Top Growth Academy rent roll growth strategies (it’s all part of the same membership subscription).

JOIN BDM Coach Experts Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz who combined have signed up 1500 properties and have trained literally hundreds of BDM's over Australia, New Zealand and the USA to sign up more doors each month than they thought possible.

So if you're a BDM, manage a BDM or you're thinking about hiring one, JOIN us at the BDM Coach Academy!

SMASH all of your rent roll growth goals, DOMINATE in your marketplace, be seen as the ‘GO-TO Expert’ and magnetise property investors to you…

...with what you’ll learn and implement at the Top Growth Academy.

Sign up 10, 15 or even 20 properties a month (or more) when you IMPLEMENT the TOP GROWTH strategies that you’ll be exposed to at the Top Growth Academy (it’s all part of your membership subscription).

When you want serious rent roll growth results (and nothing less), you’ll learn HOW with PM Growth Experts and BDM Coaches Michael Sanz and Deniz Yusuf who’ve assisted HUNDREDS of property management businesses just like yours, to GROW massive by knowing how to generate endless quality leads.

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Sally Shaw – Property Wise Launceston

Adam Natonewski – Ray White Highton

Jacqui Morton – iRental Property Management

JOIN us with other rent roll business owners, property managers and BDM’s on a journey just like yours in our BDM Coach Academy.

Who can join the BDM Coach Academy? Anyone on your team can join.

What does it cost? This is part of your IGT Exclusive Membership (for your whole team based at the same location).

When is the BDM Coach Academy? Meetings will happen in an open Zoom group session, if you miss a session you can always catch up on the recordings available to IGT Exclusive Members only. 

Sessions are a combination of intensive learning, with a meeting and coaching format at the end of each session.

Here’s what you’ll take away with the BDM Coach Academy: 

Session #1 - How to prepare for your BDM ACTIVITY and LAUNCH!

FULL recording now available

The fundamentals and crucial tools for a BDM, which we'll cover in our first session, including:

  • Defining what a BDM is and why a Property Manager may not be suitable for this crucial 'sales' position.
  • Understanding the primary objective of a BDM and whether they should handle marketing, leasing of rental properties, and signing up new business.
  • Identifying the most effective CRM (Client Relationship Manager) software system for managing leads and contacts, where to obtain it, and how to utilise it.
  • ​Techniques for obtaining the information of all your referral partners in your local area through data mining, enabling you to connect with those who can refer you to their clients and business immediately.
  • ​Developing a BDM Business Plan roadmap for achieving growth and success.

Session #2 - How to BDM BROADCAST YOURSELF and GENERATE Leads!

FULL recording now available

Making the phone ring and your emails ding with hot leads won't happen if nobody knows that you exist! 

In this session, you'll learn how to BROADCAST yourself across all media platforms so owners will see that you are the 'go-to' expert in your marketplace.

During this session, you'll understand:

  • Techniques for establishing yourself as the go-to expert by using email newsletters and articles to direct people to your website and to contact you directly.
  • Strategies for building your reputation and creating leads through TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, LinkedIn and on YouTube.
  • Reviewing other agency approaches to leveraging social media to generate leads.
  • ​Effective marketing methods, whether using Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au (Australia), Trademe.co.nz (New Zealand), Craigslist.com (USA), or other property marketing portals.

Session #3 - Taking Enquiry and get your BDM Listing Kit 'deal ready'.

FULL recording now available

When you take prospective enquiries there needs to be ONE goal in mind...nailing the deal!

To do this you must have the right tools in place.

In this session, we'll discuss everything a successful BDM should have on hand to shine better than your rivals and win the business, when that phone or email enquiry happens. 

During this session, we'll cover:

  • ​The TEMPLATE for your Pre-Listing Email to forward to your prospective clients before any Listing Presentation.
  • Identifying the 25 crucial attachments/documents to include with your Pre-Listing Email.
  • ​Understanding how to create a professional CMA- Comparative Market Analysis and what it should include.
  • ​Preparing your Listing Kit - strategies for organising it in either hard copy or in digital format.
  • ​The 20 essential components of a compelling BDM Listing Kit that will entice potential owners to choose you over your competitors.

Session #4 - Accelerating your BDM networking for consistent leads.

FULL recording now available

Now that you're ready as a BDM, it's time to step out of the office and into the field to create your own leads and make things really happen from your activity! 

A successful BDM doesn't rely on new business to come to them; instead, they engage with the community to generate leads and establish their influence in the marketplace. 

In this session, we'll demonstrate:

  • Techniques for locating and reaching out to your referral partners, such as accountants, mortgage brokers, and other business professionals who'll love to refer their property investors clients to you.
  • Strategies for making contact and building a relationship of trust with your referral partners, including what to say and what's proven to work to establish a connection with them fast.
  • Identifying various approaches for using "data-mining" to collect all the referral partner contacts you require to expand your influence and your lead generating machine.

Session #5 - The BEST BDM accountability that will 'make the phone ring' with new business.

FULL recording now available

In this 'boss' session you'll get successful strategies and activities you'll need to do, to get the results that you want from your BDM position.

During this session, we'll instruct you on all the activities that, if done right, will produce a consistent stream of leads and cause the phone to ring regularly with new business. 

In this session, we'll teach you:

  • Techniques for ensuring your BDM stays accountable for achieving the right growth results and momentum.
  • Identifying the fifteen different activities a BDM must do every week to generate all the leads that you need.
  • Understanding all the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each activity that must be tracked, to ensure the intended end results are achieved.
  • ​Get our useful 28 BDM KPI Spreadsheet so you can easily track and monitor results.

Session #6 - Developing your 'Ideal BDM Action Week' for Consistent Leads and Growth Results.

FULL recording now available

It's not enough to have fifteen essential tasks and activities (as discussed in Session #5) if you can't manage your time appropriately. 

They simply won't be completed successfully!

In this session, we'll instruct you on:

  • Techniques for being properly prepared and creating an advance plan for your 'BDM Ideal Week.'
  • Understanding the critical tasks that require your undivided attention and prioritising them over less pressing matters.
  • Recognising the importance of concentrating solely on tasks that yield results and distinguishing between them.
  • ​How to Schedule all of your key activities into your 'BDM Ideal Week'.

Session #7 - How to Become the 'Favoured Agent' Before the Listing Appointment.

FULL recording now available

To be the preferred agent at the listing appointment, it's crucial to make a great impression well before you arrive.

In this session, we'll show you:

  • Using Video SMS Text to deliver a 'CMA- Comparative Market Analysis' and leave a powerful trust impression on your prospects, giving you an immediate edge over your rivals.
  • The six-step process from the first enquiry to the listing appointment that needs to be delivered correctly to win trust first and put you in a favourable position with your prospect, well before you arrive.
  • A follow-up personalised message that seals the deal and skyrockets your conversion rate, if you were not able to get the deal at the appointment.

Session #8 - Closing the Deal: Strategies for Winning the Listing Appointment (and your fees).

FULL recording now available

In this session, we will guide you through the process of winning the Listing Appointment.

We'll show you what to do and what not to do to make a great impression on your prospective owner and secure a signed management agreement. 

Here's the topics we'll cover:

  • Preparing for the appointment: What to do before you knock on the door
  • Making a connection: How to start the conversation and quickly identify the prospective owner's needs, 'pain points', and problems using effective and 'open' questions.
  • Asking for the business: effective closing techniques that win the deal.
  • ​Overcoming common fee objections: How to effectively deal with 'But the other agent is cheaper' and 'If you can match your management fees with the other agent down the road' plus others.
  • ​Winning the deal: Strategies to get the agreement signed on the spot, even if the prospect has other BDM appointments lined up after you!

Session #9 - Mastering Enquiry and Listing Appointment Follow-up for Maximum Growth

FULL recording now available

In this session, you will discover the essential strategies and techniques for following up with prospective owners after an enquiry and the Listing Appointment, so you get a maximum return from your generated leads.

The topics we'll cover include:

  • The best timing for follow-up, and when to wait for a better opportunity again.
  • An effective example Follow-Up Procedure for chasing the listing, even if you initially lost it to another competitor.
  • How to establish a systematic contact plan with touch points throughout the next 12 months, to keep your brand and services 'top-of-mind'.
  • ​Effective wording for thank-you appraisal letters that impress your prospects and keep you 'top-of-mind'.

Session #10 - Generating New Growth with Your Current Clients

FULL recording now available

Your current owner list is a goldmine for finding new business opportunities.

They already know your brand and trust you, making them more likely to work with you again or refer others to your services.

In this session, we’ll share valuable insights on:

  • Twenty conversation starters to engage with your current owner list and uncover more business opportunities.
  • How to use incentives and referrals effectively to encourage more business from your existing clients, both monetary and non-monetary.
  • The best contact touchpoints during the management process to reach out to your current owners and build stronger relationships.

Session #11 - Building a Strong Referral Connection with a Sales Team

FULL recording now available

Working with a sales team can be a powerful way to grow your property management portfolio with a consistent flow of warm leads, whether you work with a sales team as part of the same real estate business, or if you work separately as a 'PM Only' business.

In this session, we'll teach you how to make the most out of working with a sales team and how to generate leads from different sources.

You'll learn:

  • The scripts and strategies to connect with a 'sales only' real estate company in your area and create a strong referral relationship.
  • How to maximise your connection with your sales team and leverage their expertise to find new business opportunities.
  • How to attend real estate auctions and turn them into lead-generation opportunities.
  • ​Tips on how to get leads from 'open for inspection' attendees and the importance of following up with them.
  • ​How to turn email enquiries from potential property investors enquiring on properties for sale and convert them quickly into leads for your rent roll.

Session #12 - Growing Your Leads Through Referral Partnerships

FULL recording now available

Building and maintaining strong relationships with referral partners like Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Financial Planners can be a powerful way to generate new lead opportunities. 

In this session, we’ll show you how to work effectively with your referral partners to maximise your referral lead opportunities.

You’ll learn:

  • Techniques for hosting Investor Education Events and Evenings and involving your referral partners to generate quality leads.
  • Strategies for working together with referral partners to find new business at community events such as fetes, trade shows, and shopping centres.
  • ​How to expand your sphere of influence by conducting school information sessions and career days with your referral partners.

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